Scythe releases Mugen 5 Rev C cooler with Intel Alder

Scythe releases Mugen 5 Rev C cooler with Intel Alder Lake support

Scythe has announced a universal processor cooler Mugen 5 Rev C. The new product, codenamed SCMG 5200, has a classic tower design.

Image source: Scythe

Image source: Scythe

The device contains an aluminum heat sink with six U-shaped heat pipes running through it. The overall dimensions are 136.0 × 109.5 × 154.5mm and the weight is approximately 900g.

The radiator is blown by a new Kaze Flex II fan with a diameter of 120mm. The rotation speed is controlled by the pulse width modulation (PWM) method and reaches 1500 rpm.

We are talking about compatibility with AMD processors in the AM4/AM3(+)/AM2(+)/FM2/FM1 socket and with Intel chips in the LGA 1700/1200/115X/2066/2011(v3) design. The cooler is therefore also suitable for 12th generation Intel core chips from the Alder Lake family.

Including Thermal Elixer 2. Sales start in Europe in April; There is no estimated price information yet.



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