Scythe offers LGA 1700 mount kit compatible with existing heatsinks

Scythe offers LGA 1700 mount kit compatible with existing heatsinks

The appearance on the market of Intel Alder Lake processors in the LGA 1700 performance has once again raised the question of the compatibility of old cooling systems with new motherboards, since many users are satisfied with the characteristics of the existing coolers and would like to use them with new processors. Scythe has offered a matching set of mounts for the LGA 1700.

Image source: Scythe

Image source: Scythe

Set of fasteners issued under the article SCMK-1700, consists of a reinforcing plate with studs fixed on it, four washers, four nuts with a notch around the circumference and two clamping strips. There is also a list of Scythe processor coolers with which this set of mounts is compatible:

  • Mugen 5 (SCMG-5000 / SCMG-5100 / SCMG-5PCGH / SCMG-5102AR / SCMG-5100TUF / SCMG-5100BE);
  • Fuma (SCFM-1100/2000);
  • Ninja 5 (SCNJ-5000);
  • Big Shuriken 3 (SCBSK-3000 / SCBSK-3000R);
  • Shuriken 2 (SCSK-2000);
  • Kotetsu Mark II (SCKTT-2000 / SCKTT-2000TUF);
  • Choten TUF (SCCT-1000TUF).

The weight of the kit does not exceed 160 g, in retail it will be offered at a price of about $ 8 from the middle of this month. You can also order it through the request form on the company’s website in the technical support section. The LGA 1700 socket has a different arrangement of the mounting holes in the motherboard, and the pressure of the heatsink base against the processor cover must also be adjusted for the changed mounting height, so it is important to use officially approved mounting kits when using old cooling systems.

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