Screenshots of the new Silent Hill published by an insider

Screenshots of the new Silent Hill published by an insider have been blocked at the request of the rights holder

Verified AestheticGamer Insider (aka Dusk Golem) in my microblog shared some pictures of a new game in the Silent Hill horror series and some new information about the project.

    Image source: Konami

Image source: Konami

AestheticGamer immediately made a caveat that they received the screenshots below from a relatively new informant, but one who had already proven himself to the insider.

According to AestheticGamer, the images are from a 2020 build, so the game may have changed since then. An insider mentioned that some Anita and Maya, as well as text messages, would appear in the project.

According to unconfirmed information, game designer Hideo Kojima hoped to be able to interact with users via messages on the phone outside of the game. The feature was rumored to appear in the canceled Silent Hills.

Shortly after publication by AestheticGamer informed on receiving a DMCA complaint from the copyright owner (the Silent Hill franchise is owned by Konami): All images posted by the insider have been blocked.

Rumors that Konami is working on a new Silent Hill (or even more than one) have been circulating for the last few years but have not yet been confirmed. AestheticGamer claims that several games in the series are in development.

According to rumors in October, one of the new Silent Hill will be developed by Kojima Productions (Kojima’s studio). Previously, there were reports that another Silent Hill is emerging within the walls of the Polish Bloober team.


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