Scottish James Bond A former Rockstar North employee revealed new

Scottish James Bond: A former Rockstar North employee revealed new details about the canceled spy thriller Agent

Rockstar North’s former technical director, Obbe Vermeij, recently started a blog in which he writes, among other things: divided Details on the development of the unpublished spy thriller Agent.

    Image source: Steam (Burcio)

Image source: Steam (Burcio)

According to Vermeil, the Rockstar North team wanted to do something outside of the GTA franchise after GTA: San Andreas. Rockstar San Diego was working on a James Bond-style game at the time, Agent.

Vermeil recalls that the espionage demo prepared by Rockstar North (with a car that turns into a submarine) so impressed San Diego and the authorities in New York that the development of Agent was entrusted to the “Northerners”.

The plan was to have half of the Rockstar North team work on GTA IV and the other half on Agent. Within the team the project was called “Jimmy”. Jimmy is the Scottish equivalent of James (Bond).

According to Vermeil, it was agent “classic Bond”: 70s of the last century, a French Mediterranean city, a ski resort in Switzerland, Cairo and at the end – a shootout with lasers in space.

    Agent should be more linear than GTA (Image source: Rockstar Games)

Agent should be more linear than GTA (Image source: Rockstar Games)

Rockstar North had been working on Agent for about a year, but development didn’t go as well as expected. To save the game, they wanted to cut Cairo and the space station, but it didn’t work – the team returned to GTA and “Jimmy” was sent to another studio.

Agent was announced at E3 2009 as a PS3 exclusive. The game was intended to be a Cold War adventure with travel around the world. The Agent brand was abandoned in November 2018.


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