Scientists have developed a 3D bioprinter that prints human skin

Scientists have developed a 3D bioprinter that prints human skin samples for experiments – anyone can assemble one

Scientific research is becoming increasingly complex and expensive, limiting access to it for labs and teams without large budgets. group of scientists could solve this problem in the field of 3D printing of living human tissues – she has created the most complex and expensive devices from ordinary LEGO sets and is ready to share her experience with everyone.

    Image source: University of Cardiff

Image source: University of Cardiff

An industrial 3D bioprinter costs tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. A group of researchers from Cardiff University (UK) decided to buy a printer by purchasing several LEGO sets for a total of $624. The Lego Mindstorms Smart Block and the laboratory pump were apparently the most expensive.

The LEGO printer prints with biogel in which human skin cells are dissolved. The printer nozzle creates a three-dimensional model of the skin tissue in a Petri dish layer by layer. In the future, the scientists want to investigate working with different gel compositions and nozzles with different diameters in an attempt to replicate human skin tissue as closely as possible.

All this is necessary to obtain many samples of living tissue for medical experiments. Under normal conditions, biological material is obtained either from donors or as waste after surgery. In both cases, the approach and procedure for obtaining biomaterials is quite laborious and is becoming more and more complex, so that such a home-made LEGO printer can also be an acceptable solution for medical experiments.

Development data with a detailed description of the installation, configuration and operation of the printer are stored in the magazine advanced materials and freely available on shortcut. Anyone can redo the work.

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