Sci Fi RPG Citizen Sleeper will be released in May

Sci-Fi RPG Citizen Sleeper will be released in May

Fellow traveler and developer Jump Over the Age (In Other Waters) announced exact release date and list of target platforms for their interplanetary role-playing game Citizen Sleeper.

    Image Source: Fellow Traveler

Image Source: Fellow Traveler

As a reminder, Citizen Sleeper (originally Project Sidereal) was officially unveiled during a livestream. PC Gaming Show 2021 and should be published in the current year.

As has been announced, Citizen Sleeper will be available on May 5th this year for PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and Nintendo Switch. From day one, the project will be available in the Game Pass service.

Citizen Sleeper is set on the destroyed space station Erlin’s Eye, where lawlessness reigns. Players get the role of a sleeping – digitized human consciousness in an artificial body.

Users are challenged to explore the station, choose friends, earn a living, maneuver between factions, escape the past, and shape their future. Citizen Sleeper is built on the flexibility of tabletop RPGs.


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