Scarier Than Any Monster A terrifyingly realistic mod for The

Scarier Than Any Monster: A terrifyingly realistic mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt confronts Geralt with a new enemy – the Post-COVID Syndrome

Critical phase of the COVID-19 pandemic completedNevertheless, there are still many people worldwide who suffer from the so-called post-Covid syndrome (also Long-Covid). Thanks to the new modification, even the witcher Geralt from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can recognize what it is.

    Image Source: Steam (FelineOnFire)

Image Source: Steam (FelineOnFire)

Stellar7Project’s Long-COVID mode, as you might imagine, gives Geralt the same Long-COVID. The mod turns the actual symptoms of this condition into negative game effects that significantly complicate the witcher’s life and the gameplay for the user.

Geralt’s long-term symptoms of Post-Covid Syndrome worsen as the disease progresses (displayed on the inventory screen). There are four levels in total – from overload to exhaustion after training. In the last phase:

  • Stamina only recovers to 20% of maximum;
  • health stock is more than halved;
  • Lungs and digestion work 75% less efficiently;
  • the use of witcher instincts leads to a kind of fainting;
  • Memory is starting to fail, Geralt – when opening the inventory, he loses a random item;
  • When using Meditation, the hero wakes up earlier or later than the selected time.

Therefore, the Long-COVID mode does not provide a universal cure for Long-Covid, but it allows you to lower the level of manifestation of the syndrome with the elixir “Tawny Owl” (“Swallow”), restores health, the symptoms but only make it worse). Rest is also helpful in the early stages.

Long COVID mode is available for free download on the website Nexus Mods. To install you will need either the Nexus Mod Manage utility or transferring files to the desired folder. So far, the mod is only compatible with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt version 1.31 or 1.32. The Advanced Edition is not supported.

According to Stellar7Project, the mod was created for free on behalf of Long COVID Europe in order to raise players’ awareness of the post-COVID syndrome and the difficulties in life associated with it (there are more than 65 million such people in the world). .

In addition to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, similar modifications were made to the open-world fantasy RPG Elden Ring (downloadable at) as part of an initiative called Long COVID Mode Nexus Mods) and Minecraft sandboxes (downloadable at Long COVID Europe website).

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