Scandinavian action platformer Song of Iron is set to get a

Scandinavian action-platformer Song of Iron is set to get a sequel next year

American freelance developer Joe Winter of Resting Relic (formerly Escape) announced Song of Iron II is the sequel to the Scandinavian action platformer Song of Iron.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

The events of Song of Iron II unfold after the finale of the original Song of Iron. Players in the role of a Scandinavian warrior must free their people from the shackles of obedience and unite the clans (by persuasion or violence). The war is coming.

Song of Iron II users can prove their mettle in battles against enemies old and new, including goblins, trolls, draugr, imperial guards, and even the gods themselves.

The creator of Song of Iron II promises a dark fantasy world with varied locations (forests, swamps, mountains), secrets and the ability to move between zones on water, as well as a dynamic combat system.

Song of Iron II release expected in 2023 on PC (steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. For a subscription of official newsletter The developer promises to provide access to a demo for the Valve service.

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