SanMax Technologies Shows First DDR5 Modules for Notebooks

Mobile platforms with support for the new DDR5 memory standard have not yet been presented, but the Japanese RAM company SanMax Technologies has already announced the first DDR5 SO-DIMM modules for laptops and compact computers.

Image Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Image Source: Hermitage Akihabara

The SanMax DDR5-4800 series includes 8 and 32 GB modules with CL40 timings, operating with a voltage of 1.1 V. In the photo provided by the resource Hermitage akihabara, it can be noted that the 32 GB DDR5 SDRAM module is based on Micron ICA45 chips. The RAM modules shown are equipped with their own power controllers (PMICs) and voltage regulation modules, as required by the DDR5 memory specification. New items are not equipped with cooling radiators and will fit into all types of laptops with support for the corresponding memory standard, as well as compact computers with a very dense arrangement of components.

Interestingly enough, one of the first to introduce DDR5 RAM modules for laptops and compact PCs was a little-known manufacturer from Japan, and not a company from among the more famous players. However, the announcement of Intel processors that support the new RAM is already very close, so in the coming weeks we will most likely begin to hear more and more about similar innovations from other manufacturers.

SanMax did not share pricing information for the modules presented, nor did it say when they would go on sale.


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