Sanitation restrictions lifted at Foxconns iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou

Sanitation restrictions lifted at Foxconn’s iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou

The ability of Foxconn’s largest factory to assemble the latest iPhone 14 Pro series smartphones for Apple this fall has depended largely on Chinese authorities’ policies of imposing hygiene restrictions. Corresponding Reuters With reference to Foxconn’s proprietary information, all existing restrictions have now been lifted and business is returning to its usual pace of operations.

    Image source: Foxconn

Image source: Foxconn

Overall, the Zhengzhou manufacturing campus remained relatively isolated from the rest of the world for 56 days, and they haven’t been the easiest for Foxconn. First, production volumes of older current-generation iPhone models have declined by at least 30%. Some experts estimate the quarterly losses in the production of smartphones of this series at 15 or 20 million units. Second, the restrictions created dissatisfaction among workers, some of whom left the campus, and Foxconn had to allocate additional funds to recruit new workers.

According to the source, the Zhengzhou company now expects to restore production volumes by the end of December or early January. In November, Foxconn’s revenue fell 11.4% compared to the same month last year, although this time of year usually sees an increase in financial performance due to preparations for the holiday sales season.

edition The Wall Street Journal also reported that the lifting of hygiene restrictions in Zhengzhou could contribute to Foxconn founder Terry Gou’s (Terry Gou) appeal to the Chinese authorities, which he allegedly filed in writing the month before last. In the letter, he reportedly noted the impact of the current zero-tolerance policy on COVID-19 on China’s economic processes and the country’s role in the global supply chain. Representatives of the Foxconn founder categorically deny this information.


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