Samsung’s proprietary web browser now available for Wear OS smartwatches

Samsung has added its proprietary web browser to the new Galaxy Watch 4, powered by Wear OS. Of course, surfing the web on a smartwatch is hardly convenient, but the browser can be useful for a number of small tasks, such as finding a place or contact information.

The obvious question related to the browser in a watch is how a tiny round screen will allow you to browse the web. Samsung says that advanced gesture control will come to the rescue of the user. When the Galaxy Watch 4 owner visits their first web page, the watch will display a guide explaining that swiping diagonally from either side of the screen will allow the user to reach the corners of the page. Swipe up will open a menu containing items such as “Bookmark Options”, “Zoom Mode” and an icon for sending a web page to a connected smartphone.

The browser further expands the functionality of the Galaxy Watch 4, which is already one of the most advanced devices in this category. However, it should be noted that the ability to browse the web on a wearable device is nothing new. Samsung has a browser for Tizen-based smartwatches, and even the Apple Watch has built-in web browsers, although there is no dedicated Safari version for them.

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