Samsung will start stacking electrodes in smartphone batteries to increase

Samsung will start stacking electrodes in smartphone batteries to increase their capacity

Samsung SDI, a battery manufacturing subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has found partners to introduce new technology for mass production of stacked batteries. This technology makes it possible to increase the energy capacity of the battery by 10% and reduce the risks associated with operational safety.

    Image source: StockSnap / Pixabay

Image source: StockSnap / Pixabay

Surprisingly, two manufacturers from China won the tender to supply technology equipment to Samsung, overtaking competitors from South Korea. Although the names of the Chinese companies were not disclosed, it was revealed that they will open their offices in Samsung’s home country to further develop and promote innovative stack battery technology.

Samsung SDI has already incorporated stacking technology into its fifth-generation EV batteries. Compared to older methods, stacking technology can increase energy storage density by more than 10%. Building on this success, Samsung SDI plans to expand its battery pack technology to compact batteries for smartphones, tablets, laptops and other consumer electronic devices.

    Samsung currently uses a

Samsung currently uses a “winding” method (left) to manufacture smartphone batteries, which can cause the battery to expand and, in some cases, short out after severe impact. Image source:

In the past, Samsung has been criticized for lagging behind its rivals like Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and Honor when it comes to charging solutions, especially fast wired charging. Insiders claim that the new Galaxy S24 series smartphones will use more advanced stack batteries. Apple is also considering bringing this technology to the entire iPhone 15 range.

This battery design with stacked anode and cathode membranes offers many advantages. Not only does this reduce the possibility of battery swelling and associated safety hazards, but it also allows you to increase the capacity of the battery without increasing its size. While maintaining the capacity of such a battery, you can reduce its size, freeing up space inside the smartphone to accommodate, for example, a more modern processor, a cooling system or an improved camera.

Despite Samsung’s desire to introduce stack battery technology into its smartphones, it’s important to note that this technology is still in the prototype stages and final decisions have not yet been made.

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