Samsung wants to equip sub flagships of the Galaxy S22 FE

Samsung wants to equip sub-flagships of the Galaxy S22 FE with MediaTek chipsets

Although Samsung has so far used MediaTek’s mobile chipsets mainly in the budget lines of its A-series smartphones, according to the latest data, it expects to equip more expensive smartphones with Taiwanese solutions. This could further reduce the market share of Samsung’s own Exynos chipsets in the future.

    Image source: Mediatek

Image source: Mediatek

According to Business Korea, MediaTek chipsets will receive half of the Galaxy S22 Fan Edition (FE) and possibly even the new Galaxy S23 flagships in a batch destined for sale in Asia. Previously, Samsung only used Qualcomm and Exynos mobile platforms in its premium lines, while MediaTek variants were occasionally used in budget and mid-range smartphones to reduce costs.

MediaTek mobile chipset share continued to grow in 2021. The company reportedly dominated the Android smartphone market last year.

MediaTek has achieved the main successes in the market of models of average and budget levels up to $400. So, in 2021, their share of chips for such smartphones accounted for 95% of shipments. Nevertheless, according to AnTuTu, smartphones with the new flagship Dimensity 9000 chipset have already entered the top ten, so further expansion in the premium device market is quite likely.

In addition to the Chinese smartphone market, MediaTek intends to expand its presence in the United States, Korea and Europe markets. Meanwhile, Samsung has had some difficulties in advertising its processors. The flagship Galaxy S22, which was released in early 2022, received a Qualcomm chipset instead of Exynos.

In 2022, Samsung intends to expand its market share in the mobile chipset market by mass-producing Exynos models in accordance with the advanced 3nm process technology available to the company to organize such production. To save Exynos’ chips, the company must produce high-performance products at competitive prices, according to media sources, citing industry sources. She’s still having trouble with that.



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