Samsung showed off a rollable OLED display and a screen

Samsung showed off a rollable OLED display and a screen that can measure heart rate and blood pressure

Samsung Display showed rollable flex displays that come with a specially designed tube and can be extended from 49 mm to 254.5 mm. The display was demonstrated at Display Week in Los Angeles at the same time as another interesting Samsung variant, which not only allows you to scan the pattern of finger ridges in any part of the screen, but also measures blood pressure, among other health indicators. In this case, no further modules are required apart from the display itself.

    Image source: Samsung Display

Image source: Samsung Display

There are only a few details about the rollable display Rollable Flex. The O-shaped tube design allows you to hide a large screen in a relatively compact body. The company did not provide any information on usage scenarios, but it can be assumed that such a screen could become the basis for a rollable tablet or laptop with a rollable display.

On the other hand, the sensor OLED display shown in the photo below seems to be a promising development for smartphones and other small devices. Normally using a small module under one of the parts of the display for reading the fingerprint, the displayed screen can recognize a touch anywhere. Theoretically, this unlocks the electronic device much faster.

    Image source: Samsung Display

Image source: Samsung Display

The same display can also measure heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. An analysis of the reflection of the pattern of the vascular network in the fingertips is used for measurements. For greater accuracy, the electronics can take the readings on the fingers of both hands of the user.

All these functions are integrated directly into the display without the need for additional modules. It is not yet known how accurate such measurements can be, how long this process takes and whether health data can be read out at the same time as a fingerprint scan. However, a new type of display could equip smartphones with functions that were previously reserved for smartwatches or bracelets.

Since Samsung Display does not manufacture any devices directly, it is likely that the company will supply corresponding displays to other customers such as Samsung Electronics and other suppliers. However, the new information gives a glimpse of the possibilities that gadgets like smartphones could offer in the years to come.

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