Samsung SDI begins pilot production of battery cells with similar

Samsung SDI begins pilot production of battery cells with similar characteristics to Tesla’s Type 4680

Tesla has high hopes for the switch to 4680 battery production. With minimal changes in manufacturing technology and material composition, they are designed to increase the capacity of traction batteries and make them cheaper. Panasonic helped develop Tesla’s 4680 cells, but LG Energy Solutions and Samsung SDI are also working in that direction. As it turned out, the latter slightly deviated from the overall parameters when creating its new generation cylindrical cells.

previous generation cells.  Image source: Samsung SDI

previous generation cells. Image source: Samsung SDI

Depending on the resource Business Korea, Samsung SDI has already started pilot production of cylindrical lithium batteries, the overall dimensions of which reach almost 40mm in diameter and 80mm in height. In fact, Samsung’s SDI cell prototypes are six millimeters smaller in diameter than the joint development by Tesla and Panasonic. Samsung SDI’s factory in South Korea currently produces such batteries in small batches, but factories in Malaysia and Hungary could also be added in the future.

According to some forecasts, Samsung’s new SDI cells will find applications in both Lucid Motors and Tesla electric vehicles. The latter suffers from an acute shortage of traction batteries and is therefore willing to work with any supplier, although differences in cell sizes can pose a problem in terms of standardization. On the other hand, the diameter of Samsung SDI batteries may increase slightly until mass production begins. In any case, larger cells make it possible to make batteries more powerful and cheaper and to speed up the production process.


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