Samsung removes ads from preinstalled Pay, Health and Weather apps on smartphones

Samsung has built ads into its standard apps for years, but now the company has finally stopped the practice. As of today, Samsung Pay, Weather and Health have officially stopped serving ads. Samsung forum users discovered that ads had suddenly disappeared from the Samsung Pay app, and further investigation by TizenHelp found a Samsung employee comment confirming that there will be no ads on Pay and Health as of today.

Technically, Samsung has confirmed this change only for South Korea, but it is known that it also affected the United States. At the beginning of the year, the company promised to remove ads. However, until today, Samsung Pay featured banner ads, but has now disappeared. At the same time, Samsung still displays a Featured section on the main screen of the Samsung Pay app, and promotional offers may appear there, but this is not as intrusive as it used to be.

The Samsung Health app was also stripped of the banner ad that was displayed at the top of the home screen. It often featured workout tips and advertisements for various Samsung products. In addition, the Samsung Weather advertising banner has been removed, and now the application shows the weather forecast immediately at the top of the screen. The banner ad also disappeared in the Galaxy Themes app.

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