Samsung promises to mass produce 236 layer 3D NAND flash by

Samsung promises to mass produce 236-layer 3D NAND flash by the end of the year

This summer, major flash memory manufacturers announced their intention to master the next frontier in 3D NAND packaging complexity. American Micron Technology initially announced shipments of 232 layer crystals, SK Hynix increased rates to 238 layers. Now, Samsung Electronics is ready to announce that it will begin shipping 236-layer memory later this year.

    Image source: Samsung Electronics

Image source: Samsung Electronics

As you can see, the spread of the properties of 3D multi-layer NAND memory offered by leading manufacturers is very small. At the same time to have made them expression The last company, Samsung Electronics, was unable to block the offers of its competitors, but fell into the midfield. However, let’s not forget that Samsung remains the largest maker of memory chips and for them the ability to produce 3D NAND with the desired properties in reasonable quantities is crucial.

Now Samsung Electronics occupies 35% of the flash memory market, but supplies 3D NAND chips with no more than 176 layers. It’s poised to increase it by 60 shifts before the end of this year. This month, the Korean giant will open a new research center specializing in developing promising types of solid-state memory. Samsung Electronics’ investment activity was apparently given a fresh boost this month by the final amnesty of formal company boss Lee Jae-yong (Lee Jae-yong), who will be given a chance to become chief executive officer in the empire founded by his grandfather.

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