Samsung patents a smartphone with a sliding flexible display

Samsung patents a smartphone with a sliding, flexible display

The website of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) informs about an unusual Samsung smartphone that plans to use a flexible display.

    Image source: WIPO

Image source: WIPO

As envisaged by the South Korean giant, the screen will cover the entire front part and curve towards the back, where it occupies a little less than half of the rear part of the body.

We’re talking about the use of a triple main camera, which can also be used for selfie shots. In this mode, the back of the display acts as a viewfinder.

Curiously, the flexible screen can be moved to turn the smartphone into something like a small tablet. In this case, the back of the panel is in front, which increases the usable screen area by about one and a half times.

However, an unusual smartphone only exists in patent documents. About the possible release date of the commercial version of the device is not reported.

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