Samsung lets you hide private photos on your phones when

Samsung lets you hide private photos on your phones when you send them in for repairs

Handing in a phone for repair has traditionally posed a privacy risk, so it’s recommended that you first delete personal photos from the device’s memory whenever possible – they may become the property of a dishonest owner or become public on the internet. Samsung decided to take care of the problem: the Korean manufacturer’s phones have a Repair Mode feature that allows you to hide confidential content, they say company website.

Before handing over the repair, the user activates the corresponding function in the settings. The phone will restart, after which all personal information and active accounts will be hidden – only standard pre-installed applications will be available. The user can restore the phone to normal operation when returning the device from the workshop. To do this, you need to go back to the same point in the settings, disable repair mode and authenticate yourself through a fingerprint scanner or enter a pattern.

Unfortunately, the new feature will not appear everywhere and immediately. Samsung plans to launch with the flagship Galaxy S21: Repair mode will debut with another firmware update for users in Korea. Subsequently, the innovation will be available for other models and possibly in other regions.

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