Samsung launches Samsung Wallet mobile wallet to compete with Apple

Samsung launches Samsung Wallet mobile wallet to compete with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of the Samsung Wallet mobile wallet, which allows users to store bank cards, digital keys, boarding passes, ID cards and more. According to the company, Samsung Wallet combines Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass services into one secure platform.

Samsung Wallet not only provides users with quick access to their payment cards, loyalty cards and more, but also integrates with Samsung Blockchain Wallet to allow users to track their digital assets and cryptocurrency value.

The Samsung Pass feature securely stores passwords and allows users to quickly authorize apps and websites using their biometric data. In addition, some sensitive items in Samsung Wallet are stored in an isolated environment, a built-in Secure Element that also helps protect against digital and physical hacking.

Samsung Wallet can also be used to store important documents like a COVID-19 vaccination card. Later this year, Samsung Wallet will gain support for official IDs like driver’s licenses and student IDs from a number of educational institutions.

In addition, Samsung Wallet is integrated with the SmartThings digital car key storage platform for select BMW, Genesis and Hyundai vehicles. This allows users to lock and unlock cars, start the engine and more right from their mobile wallet.

It should be noted that the Samsung Wallet platform is very similar in functionality to the Apple Wallet, which also allows users to store payment information and personal data, including vaccination records. Samsung Wallet will also compete with the recently announced Google Wallet app, which allows you to store credit cards, loyalty cards, digital IDs, travel tickets, concert tickets, vaccination cards and more.

Starting today, Samsung Wallet is available for Samsung Pay-enabled Galaxy smartphones running Android 9 Pie and above in the US, France, Germany, UK, Italy and Spain.

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