Samsung is preparing a revision of the smartphone lineup of

Samsung is preparing a revision of the smartphone lineup of the S series – instead of three, two S24 models will be produced

According to a South Korean publication the electr, Samsung is considering a plan to reduce the number of models in its flagship S series of smartphones next year. If the tech giant had previously released three options: Standard, Plus and Ultra, there will only be two of them in the future.

    Image source: Rubaitul Azad/

Image source: Rubaitul Azad/

Typically, the development of a new model at Samsung starts a year before the release. It is known that the company intends to present variants of the Galaxy S23 next month and has already started to create a new generation of flagships.

According to sources the electr, the Galaxy S24 development project is codenamed DM, as part of which only two sub-projects are implemented – DM1 and DM3, and DM2 is absent. Judging by the previous naming schemes, DM1 is the standard Galaxy S24 and DM3 is the Galaxy S24 Ultra. According to reports, DM2 was probably planned, but after its development it was decided to abandon it. However, there is still a year until the release of S24, so it is possible that the “missing link” will be developed a little later. Also, as reported the electrSamsung is considering reducing the number of models in the A series of mid-range smartphones.

If Samsung has decided to scrap the Plus version in its new series, it’s probably due to the current state of the smartphone market. It’s going through tough times and users in economically developed countries prefer to buy either budget devices or premium models with maximum performance. Indirectly, this is evidenced by statistics on the iPhone 14 Plus, which has become the least popular in its series of four models.

According to analysts at GfK, 1.47 billion smartphones were sold in 2018. In 2019, sales fell to 1.376 billion units, in 2020 (the first year of the pandemic) sales continued to fall to 1.268 billion, but in 2021 they started to recover slightly – to 1.29 billion copies. Last year, however, the numbers fell again to 1.243 billion units. GfK expects around 1.278 billion smartphones to be sold this year.

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