Samsung is planning to develop a floating offshore nuclear power

Samsung is planning to develop a floating offshore nuclear power plant together with Seaborg

The Samsung concern is engaged not only in electronics, but also in other no less serious projects. For example, a division of Samsung Heavy Industries intends to build an above-ground nuclear power plant off the coast of Korea. It is assumed that the Danish Seaborg will also participate in the project.

    Image source: Business Korea

Image source: Business Korea

So far, Samsung has signed a memorandum of understanding with Seaborg, a developer of compact molten salt reactors (CMSRs), to build a floating nuclear power plant using this technology.

CSMRs can generate electricity relatively efficiently without releasing carbon dioxide. They are much more compact than classic nuclear reactors and can be used to implement all kinds of projects that require a relatively small (compared to the scale of classic nuclear power plants) amount of energy. At the same time, such stations are very stable.

Samsung Heavy Industries plans to develop a floating nuclear power plant with a capacity of up to 800 MW together with Seaborg in 2022. It is known that electricity from stations of this type is considered by Samsung to be the optimal source of energy for the production of hydrogen and ammonia.

“We expect to accelerate the commercialization of offshore nuclear power plants through a technology collaboration with Samsung Heavy Industries, a global shipbuilder.”— said in Seaborg.

According to Samsung, in the near future the company intends to focus on developing innovative products based on “carbon-free” technologies – from renewable to nuclear.

Notably, earlier this year, the President of the Republic of Korea, Moon Jae-in, said nuclear power plants would remain the country’s main energy source for the next 60 years.


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