Samsung is experimenting with direct ChatGPT integration into its mobile

Samsung is experimenting with direct ChatGPT integration into its mobile browsers

Samsung has a rather complicated strategy for interacting with third-party services. Rumors that the company was ditching Google’s standard search in favor of Microsoft’s Bing with an integrated AI bot caused a real panic at Google earlier this year. Although Samsung has seemingly abandoned initial plans, it is still showing keen interest in ways to integrate AI into its browser.

    Image source: ilgmyzin/

Image source: ilgmyzin/

According to the Android Authority portal, after “dismantling” the APK file of the Samsung Internet Browser v22.0.0.54 browser, it turned out that the company is probably actively working on integration with the chatbot software ChatGPT in one form or another experimented. However, there is no guarantee that the corresponding functions will ever become publicly available.

Judging by the lines of code, we can speak of experimental integration. Some experts believe that the new feature will allow you to make requests to ChatGPT without going to the service site itself, with a choice of settings and versions of ChatGPT. It is also reasonable to assume that users can query ChatGPT for short summaries of the websites they visit.

    Image source: Android Authority

Image source: Android Authority

There is currently no functionality related to ChatGPT in the Samsung Internet Browser. Of course, there are third-party plugins with the option of connecting the corresponding bot, but these cannot be compared with direct integration.

Samsung itself has not yet commented on the news. As you know, Samsung Internet Browser is preinstalled on all tablet and smartphone models of the company, so the new functionality can have a serious impact on the preferences of users who value ChatGPT over Google Bard, which is actively spreading in the regions the planet.

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