Samsung introduces UFS 40 flash storage for smartphones up

Samsung introduces UFS 4.0 flash storage for smartphones – up to 1 TB and speeds up to 4200 MB/s

Samsung Electronics has announced the development of Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 4.0 flash memory modules designed for use in high-performance fifth generation (5G) cellular smartphones. New goods have a very high bandwidth and, accordingly, the data transfer rate.

    Image source: Samsung

Image source: Samsung

Samsung UFS 4.0 products offer up to 23.2 Gbps throughput per lane. That’s twice as much compared to UFS 3.1 chips.

The new flash modules are based on Samsung’s seventh generation V-NAND memory and a proprietary controller. The declared speed of sequential reading of information reaches 4200MB/s, sequential writing speed is 2800MB/s. Achieve 2X read growth of UFS 3.1 solutions and 1.6X write growth.

In addition, the energy efficiency indicators have been improved. In particular, the power consumption for reading data has been reduced by 46% compared to UFS 3.1. This extends the battery life of smartphones.

Samsung will start mass production of UFS 4.0 modules in the third quarter of this year. The products are produced in various capacity options – up to 1TB.

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