Samsung has targeted the AR headset market and plans to

Samsung has targeted the AR headset market and plans to build its own ecosystem

According to one of Samsung’s top executives, the company is working on a roadmap for launching products for the mixed reality (AR) industry. Samsung thinks the direction is promising.

    Image source: Sophia Sideri/

Image source: Sophia Sideri/

Many IT giants see mixed reality as a new stage in the evolution of electronics, comparable to the advent of smartphones – companies like Meta are already actively investing in the industry* and microsoft. Appropriate technologies make it possible to actually connect the real and virtual world thanks to specialized headsets and software.

According to a spokesman for Samsung Electronics, the company does not want to miss this opportunity, but there is no further information on when Samsung’s first AR product will be released. However, the company is reminded of the collaboration between Samsung, Google and Qualcomm announced back in February.

Qualcomm already sells Snapdragon XR chipsets specifically for AR headsets. Samsung has years of hardware development experience, and Google relies on the power of the Android ecosystem and the developers building apps for it. However, Samsung itself does not want to limit itself to working with the two companies and wants to create its own ecosystem with the involvement of third-party developers, content and software providers.

Do not sleep and competitors of the manufacturer. Meta* at the suggestion of Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), his future has been inextricably linked to the merging of the real and virtual worlds. Notably, in October, the company introduced the Meta AR headset.* Quest Pro worth $1500. According to reports, Apple is also preparing its product, which is scheduled for release this spring. Microsoft already has a HoloLens headset in its portfolio, and China’s Xiaomi showed a prototype of AR glasses on Monday. Samsung itself introduced its first VR headset Gear VR back in 2015, which is produced by Oculus. However, in 2020 the project was shelved as it turned out to be unclaimed.

Since Samsung is convinced that “pure” virtual reality is good especially for games and that mixed reality technologies have much more potential, the roadmap is created taking this thesis into account. Some industry experts believe that the Samsung Galaxy AR glasses are to be expected soon as other accessories such as Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watches are already available.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court made a final decision to liquidate or ban activities on the grounds provided for in Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25. 2002 “On Countering Extremist Activities”.

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