Samsung has introduced a smart chip with fingerprint scanner for

Samsung has introduced a smart chip with fingerprint scanner for bank cards and more

Samsung has introduced a compact chip to protect bank cards with the user’s fingerprint. A fingerprint scanner, as well as secure storage and secure data processing systems Secure Element and Secure Processor are combined in a single device.



Samsung’s new chip, dubbed S3B512C, meets EMVCo and Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 6+ security standards, as well as the latest specifications for biometrically secured bank cards introduced by Mastercard – the so-called. Summary of the Biometric Assessment Plan (BEPS).

The S3B512C is primarily designed for payment cards, but it can also be used in other card products that require a high level of security, from student ID cards to club membership cards, employee ID cards or smart keys for building access, according to a Samsung spokesman.

The new secure chip is said to be the industry’s first all-in-one solution that reads information with a biometric sensor, stores encrypted data, and analyzes and processes data with a secure Secure Processor chip.



With cards with the new Samsung chips, you can make transactions quickly and securely when shopping. Biometric authentication eliminates the need to enter a PIN code and prevents transactions with stolen cards – the user’s identity is confirmed with a fingerprint, the digital pattern of which is securely stored on the card itself.

The fingerprint data is stored in the Samsung Secure Element, which is accredited worldwide according to the EMVCo and CC EAL 6+ standards, and another part of the chip, the Secure Processor, processes the fingerprint scanner data according to the established algorithms and compares it with a given sample . In addition, according to Samsung, an additional security system protects against illegal hacking attempts, such as the use of artificial fingerprints.


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