Samsung has developed a laptop that can be folded into

Samsung has developed a laptop that can be folded into four parts

Samsung Electronics is so obsessed with promoting its flexible displays that it starts creating the most bizarre devices with dubious value in terms of design features. In January this year, a patent application was discovered that describes a hybrid laptop where each part can be folded in half.

Image source: SamMobile, WIPO, Samsung Electronics

Image source: SamMobile, WIPO, Samsung Electronics

The resource told about the outlandish invention of Samsung specialists SamMobile. The patent application, which appeared on the website of the international organization WIPO, describes the design of a laptop with a detachable keyboard unit. The part of the device equipped with a display can be used as a full-fledged tablet, it is possible to enter information using a pen and a touch surface. The flexible display allows you to fold this part of the device twice more, reducing the space it takes up during storage or transport.

Accordingly, the keyboard unit folds in two halves. It likely contains the bulk of the battery cells, as well as ports for connecting peripherals. The appearance of such a patent application by no means guarantees the market entry of this laptop, but as a concept sample Samsung can certainly demonstrate it in the future.


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