Samsung has denied rumors of forming a team to develop

Samsung has denied rumors of forming a team to develop its own mobile CPU

Samsung has completely switched to Snapdragon mobile platforms in the flagship Galaxy S23 series. It is expected that Qualcomm solutions will also be used in Galaxy S24 smartphones. At the same time, Samsung has denied recent rumors that it has assembled a team to develop proprietary CPUs on a non-arm architecture.

    Image source: Samsung

Image source: Samsung

Samsung Electronics is rumored to have set up a team to design processor cores from scratch. Even the working name of the project was mentioned – Galaxy Chip. According to rumors, the company should switch to the proprietary chipset in the Galaxy S25 in early 2025. In connection with recent information about the possible release of Samsung CPU cores on its own mobile chipset architecture, Samsung Electronics contacted representatives of the Sammobile portal and made a special statement.

“The recent media report that Samsung has formed its own CPU core development team is not true. Contrary to the news, we have long had numerous internal teams responsible for developing and optimizing processors, while constantly recruiting talent from relevant fields from around the world.— said in Samsung.

In other words, the situation is not changing and the company is not creating a group to speed up the development of processor cores for mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops. The announcement indirectly indicates that the company will continue to use “stock” arm cores in its future smartphones. The latter is reportedly changing licensing rules and prohibiting OEMs from making changes to the processor architecture it develops. However, the statement leaves room for imagination, as there was no clear answer that Samsung would not create fundamentally new CPUs.

Samsung is known to have faced dissatisfaction with customers due to the fact that its Exynos flagship chipsets were inferior to Qualcomm counterparts. Additionally, the company was at the center of a scandal when relatively recently users caught it slowing down the peak performance of processors that used the GOS service (Game Optimization Service) in the Galaxy S22 flagships to maintain device stability . Later the company had to release a special update, thanks to which it became possible to disable GOS.


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