Samsung Galaxy S24 owners are dissatisfied with the dark screen

Samsung Galaxy S24 owners are dissatisfied with the dark screen on their smartphone

More and more reports are appearing on the Reddit platform from Samsung Galaxy S24 owners expressing their dissatisfaction with the fact that their smartphone’s screen remains dark when selecting the bright mode. The South Korean company will likely try to fix this issue by updating the device software.

By default, the Galaxy S24 screen works in natural mode, which enables accurate color reproduction. If the user wants to increase the brightness, we recommend switching to Vivid mode. On previous generations of Samsung smartphones, the difference was noticeable when switching modes. However, there is practically no difference between the Natural and Vivid modes on the Galaxy S24, as evidenced by complaints from smartphone owners.

Natural mode dims the Galaxy S24’s screen brightness to ensure accurate color reproduction and make everything look more natural. This also reduces eye strain when the device is used for long periods of time. In bright daylight, Vivid mode is intended to make the image brighter and more contrasty. At the same time, owners of new Samsung smartphones note that the screen brightness practically does not change when selecting Vivid mode.

    Image source: Reddit

Image source: Reddit

Reddit users speculate that the Galaxy S24 dark screen issue is due to a bug in the smartphone’s software. Samsung’s website mentions that software version can affect smartphone settings, and it seems that this is the case. According to the source, Samsung is aware of the issue and the company intends to fix it in one of the future software updates.


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