Samsung ends support for the legendary flagship Galaxy Note 8

The life cycle of the once extremely popular Samsung flagship model is ending – the company has removed the mention of the smartphone from the Samsung Security Updates page, it will no longer receive security updates.

The last corresponding patch for the Galaxy Note 8 was released back in August 2021. Less than a year earlier, the manufacturer removed the model from the list of smartphones that are eligible for monthly updates, sending it to the list of electronics with a quarterly receipt of new software.

The last really big update was the then-new Android 9 Pie OS, which was released for the Galaxy Note 8 in February 2018. In addition to the Galaxy Note 8, support for the 2017 version of the Galaxy Tab A is now reportedly discontinued.

The Galaxy Note 8 has been supported for longer than any other smartphone in the family. The new Samsung arrived in 2017 and has been receiving updates for a full four years – an unprecedented time for Android smartphones. Even Google pays attention to its models for no longer than three years.

This novelty was special for the Samsung ecosystem – at one time the release took place long after the scandal with the flammable and explosive Galaxy Note 7. The emergence of a successful and stable new version helped to smooth out the not particularly pleasant impression left by the users of the “seven”.

Apparently, this year the company will finally abandon the Note line in favor of no less functional flagships of the S22 series.

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