Samsung Display is suing Chinas BOE for OLED patent infringement

Samsung Display is suing China’s BOE for OLED patent infringement

South Korean company Samsung Display has filed a lawsuit against Chinese competitor BOE Technology, accusing the competitor of infringing five patents related to mobile device displays, including screens for Apple iPhone 12 smartphones.

    iPhone 12. Image source: Apple

iphone 12. Image source: Apple

A division of Samsung Electronics has petitioned a US court to compel BOE to pay damages for patent infringement related to BOE’s OLED displays. Samsung is also applying for an injunction against the import and sale of such displays. The lawsuit was filed in an East Texas court, a judicial body known for its speedy hearings and decisions, according to Reuters.

Apple uses OLED displays in a number of Apple Watch and iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 14. The company states that OLED delivers high quality and the displays are generally thinner than traditional LCDs. The OLED market has traditionally been dominated by Samsung Display, but according to Omdia experts, BOE ousted LG Display from second place last year and is now close behind the leader.

Last December, Samsung Display filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission, accusing many companies that sell non-genuine OLED smartphone displays of patent infringement. This led to an investigation launched by the Commission. In January last year, when asked by a reporter about growing competition in the OLED market, a spokesman for Samsung Display said the company was actively seeking compensation for infringing on its intellectual property rights.

South Korea is still a major manufacturing hub for high-tech goods, from chips and displays to cars, but local companies are increasingly facing competition from Chinese companies.

Last month, a former Samsung Electronics executive was charged with allegedly stealing technology to build a replica Samsung factory in China and undermining national economic security. It is known that he has already given journalists a letter through his adviser and friend, in which he denies his guilt.

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