Samsung confirms it is developing foldable tablets and laptops with

Samsung confirms it is developing foldable tablets and laptops with flexible screens

Samsung is working on a full-fledged foldable tablet that will appear outside of the Galaxy Z Fold smartphone series. In an interview with British Independent The head of the company’s mobile division, Tae Moon Ro (TM Roh), said that Samsung is working on tablets and laptops with foldable screens.

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“People open a book to read and open a notebook to write. When not in use or when traveling, they can be folded to make them more compact and protect important information inside. It’s just a natural part of human behavior., – said a top executive, talking about a foldable Android tablet. And confirmed that Samsung is indeed working on such a device: “What has been applied to smartphones also applies to tablets and laptops. And we have invested a lot of resources.”.

A new type of device will be based on a universal solution that Samsung is developing “Basic Technology” for foldable tablets and laptops. Devices will come to market when “will be ready to bring meaningful innovation to consumers”. “He [складной планшет] must remain thin and light so that it can be carried freely. But it must be durable in order to use it without fear.added Ro.


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