Samsung confirms Exynos mobile chip with AMD graphics will get ray tracing support

Samsung via its Chinese social media page Weibo has officially confirmed that its upcoming Exynos series single-chip mobile platform, equipped with AMD graphics core on the RDNA 2 architecture, will receive support for ray tracing technology.

The company did not go into details about the new chip. According to the latest rumors, a new mobile SoC called Exynos 2200 will receive six AMD RDNA 2 GPUs, which will use 384 stream processors, as well as six ray tracing accelerators.

The Exynos 2200, codenamed Pamir, is also credited with eight physical computing cores: one high-performance, three slightly less powerful, and four energy-efficient. It is reported that the RDNA 2 graphics as part of the processor is codenamed Voyager.

Image shared by Samsung on a social platform Weibo, provided for promotional purposes only. Ray tracing technology will definitely not be able to add additional detail to the image, such as the burning car that appears in the image on the right above.


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