Samsung comments on the replacement of components SSD 970 EVO Plus – all due to a shortage of semiconductors

Less than two weeks ago, Samsung was caught using alternative components in the 970 EVO Plus SSDs. The company made an official comment on this matter, but soon after that, a possible change in drives of a different series was discovered.



Recall that recently, different controllers and different versions of 3D NAND memory were found in Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus drives from different batches. In some cases, benchmarks have shown performance degradation for newer versions, but overall, users will likely see performance gains.

Samsung itself said it decided to upgrade the controller and NAND memory, and also updated the firmware to version 3B2QEXM7 to continue production of the popular Samsung 970 EVO Plus drives amid a shortage of semiconductors. The company believes that increased Intelligent TurboWrite buffer and software optimizations allow the new options to even better meet user needs. At the same time, the manufacturer notes that it immediately published new SSD specifications in addition to the previous ones on its website and plans to keep a history of changes in the future.



At the same time, it suddenly turned out that the developers at the same time recently updated the specifications of the Samsung SSD 980 Pro model. As in the case of the Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus, the controller model information has disappeared from the latest version of the document, and the description of Intelligent TurboWrite technology has also changed. Exactly what changes were made to the component base of drives and how exactly they affected performance is still unknown.

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