Samsung began selling the Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition and

Samsung began selling the Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition and Galaxy XCover 6 Pro Tactical Edition tactical smartphones to military and intelligence agencies

The tactical smartphones Samsung Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition and Galaxy XCover 6 Pro Tactical Edition were introduced in May began selling in the US. The devices are aimed at the military, emergency services and special forces. New items have increased strength and expanded resources for encryption and covert work. In addition to the security forces, new smartphones will also help many civilian professionals in their work on site.

    Image source: Samsung

Image source: Samsung

Samsung does not disclose the recommended cost of new products and will not release them at retail. Tactical smartphones will only be available through select Samsung partners in the US. At the same time, the new goods will not be limited to deliveries to military and intelligence officers. They are also distributed to emergency responders and employees of drone companies, road authorities, utilities, oil and gas, mining, exploration and production companies, and generally for the management of critical deployed assets.

Broadly speaking, both tactical smartphones are regular commercial versions of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy XCover 6 Pro, equipped with special capabilities. Both new products can be considered the third generation of Samsung’s tactical smartphones, which have been used by the US Department of Defense and emergency responders in this country for years. For the latter, Samsung arranged for smartphones to operate over AT&T’s specialized nationwide FirstNet network, created for public safety. In both cases, the compatibility of smartphones with a range of tactical radio stations can be considered an important point.

In addition to connecting to tactical radio channels, military smartphones also provide easy connection to a variety of external devices: night vision devices, laser rangefinders, external GPS navigation devices, drones and other devices. Of course, both models support all traditional cellular features, including 5G, LTE, CBRS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6E. Additionally, these are the first Tactical Edition solutions to support FirstNet Ready.

To ensure airborne stealth, the Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition and Galaxy blocked. To increase mission security, you can enable Covert Lock mode, which enables stealth operation and also disables baseband and GPS, completely protecting the device from radio emissions. To ensure that licensed Samsung services work under such conditions, the company has introduced the ability to license applications for tactical smartphones without connecting to remote services.

Both smartphones have nuances with automatic screen rotation, scaling, activation, locking, authentication, etc., which allow you to customize all this to a greater extent than traditional commercial models. In addition, working with the screen and keyboard requires wearing tactical gloves and adapting the screen interface to them.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition and Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro Tactical Edition smartphones are protected by Samsung Knox Security, a military-grade security platform integrated into Samsung mobile devices at the chipset level to ensure data security and lockdown. Both solutions follow strict industry regulations, including the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) requirements list, and enable military and civilian personnel to securely access sensitive information.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition and Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro Tactical Edition support dual VPN connection, allowing you to use two VPN servers for internal and external data tunneling during transfer. In addition, Knox Dual Data at Rest (DualDAR) protects sensitive data up to the highest security level. Encryption occurs at two levels, even when smartphones are turned off or not authenticated. We add that all software is guaranteed to be supported for four years or until January 2027.

When it comes to physical protection, both smartphones promise IP68 dust and moisture protection. The smartphones also comply with the military standard MIL-STD-810H. They can withstand immersion in water up to a depth of 1.5 m for 30 minutes and a fall from a height of 1.5 m. The devices’ light weight – less than 240 grams – allows them to replace often heavier laptops with processors of similar performance, leaving room for a more important load – medicine or ammunition.

The high-quality 120Hz AMOLED screen displays full details on maps that can be conveniently transferred to removable memory cards, and the 50-megapixel pro-grade camera allows military personnel to capture and share high-resolution photos and low-resolution videos Light without revealing their location. The smartphones come with military-grade rugged cases co-developed with Juggernaut Case and Kagwerks.

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