Samsung and Western Digital agree to make zonal storage the

Samsung and Western Digital agree to make zonal storage the industry standard

Samsung Electronics and Western Digital (WDC) today announced Signing of a letter of intent to jointly promote zone storage technology through to the establishment of an industry standard. Both companies produce data drives, HDD and SSD. Zoning brings a number of benefits that ultimately allow ordinary users to take full advantage of specific storage systems.

    Image source: Samsung Electronics

Image source: Samsung Electronics

We already have more information on what zone storage is wrote here. The zoning will allow for it Centrally manage recording parameters both at the hardware level of the drives and at the software level. Also, zoning allows you to create recording channels with your own speed characteristics. All of this paves the way to reducing flash wear and tear in SSDs and eliminating dips in write and read speeds. The concept of zoned storage already exists entered the NVMe standard, and will find its way to the mass user. The company Western Digital can be regarded as a pioneer of this undertaking. Samsung today decided to join Western Digital and join the founding fathers of the new standard.

Samsung and Western Digital have joined forces as technology leaders to advance the concept of zoned storage. The partnership promises widespread adoption of zoned storage technology across multiple device manufacturers and software developers. “Initially, companies will focus on aligning their efforts and building an active ecosystem for zoned storage solutions. These moves will allow the industry to focus on myriad applications that will ultimately create value for customers.” – said in a press release from Samsung.

The two companies have already begun developing zonal storage solutions, including ZNS (Zoned Namespaces) solid state drives and SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) hard drives. Working with the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and the Linux Foundation, Samsung and Western Digital will define high-level models and frameworks for next-generation zoned storage technologies. In early 2021, the partners founded the Zoned Storage TWG (Technical Work Group) to support the creation of open and scalable data center architectures in the future. The team will also define and refine common use cases for zoned storage devices, host/device architecture, and programming models.

In addition, the collaboration between Samsung and Western Digital serves as a launch pad for the expansion of zone-based device interfaces (e.g., CNS, SMR) and next-generation storage devices with high capacity and advanced storage and processing technologies. At a later date, these initiatives will be extended to other emerging D2PF technologies such as storage computation and storage interfaces, including NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF).


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