Samsung and iFixit launch Galaxy Self Repair program

Samsung and iFixit launch Galaxy Self-Repair program

Apple isn’t the only tech giant rolling out a “fix it yourself” program this year. Samsung and iFixit are preparing to launch a similar program that will provide US Galaxy users with instructions and parts for performing DIY repairs.

    Image source: iFixit

Image source: iFixit

Under this program, owners of Galaxy smartphones and tablets can purchase replacement parts for their devices if needed and exchange them according to official instructions. According to the available data, charging ports, glass backs and displays should go on sale first.

According to the source, the manufacturer will provide spare parts for Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 smartphones and Galaxy Tab S7+ tablets at the launch of the program. At the same time, the owners of the flagship devices Galaxy S22 Ultra will not be able to repair their device if necessary. The South Korean company later wants to expand its self-repair program to other models. In addition, users can send defective parts to Samsung for recycling.

The South Korean company sees the possibility of self-repair of devices as a “convenient” and environmentally friendly way to restore the performance of defective devices. It is assumed that users will generate less e-waste by repairing their own devices. Additionally, Samsung’s new program is sure to be well received by Right-to-Repair supporters.



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