Sabrent launches Rocket 4 Plus G SSDs for gaming PCs

Sabrent launches Rocket 4 Plus G SSDs for gaming PCs

Sabrent has announced Rocket 4 Plus G SSDs specifically designed for powerful gaming PCs. The products are made in the popular M.2 2280 format.

    Image source: Sabrent

Image source: Sabrent

The innovations are based on 3D TLC flash memory microchips (three bits of information per cell). The PCIe 4.0 interface (NVMe specification) is used to communicate with a PC. The declared data transfer rate exceeds 7 GB/s. The family includes modifications with a capacity of 1, 2 and 4 TB.

Drives use proprietary firmware O2 GO that allows you to achieve maximum performance. We are talking about compatibility with Microsoft DirectStorage technology: this system gives the graphics card the ability to receive data almost directly from the SSD. This makes games load faster on computers running Windows 11.

The Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus G is priced at $170, $300, and $700 in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB capacities, respectively. For drives, it is recommended to purchase an optional cooler, the design of which includes a heat sink and heat pipes. This solution costs about $30. For more information on new products, visit this page.

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