Sable gets another performance improvement, and the patches don’t end there

Raw Fury Publishing and Development Studio Shedworks in Publication on the website of the digital distribution service Steam announced the release of patch 3.5.12 for their desert open-world adventure Sable.

Image Source: Raw Fury

Image Source: Raw Fury

The main innovation of the released patch was another performance increase for Sable. This time, due to the introduction of an additional behind-the-scenes system into the game.

Recall that the previous – October – patch was also aimed at improving the performance of Sable. Poor optimization is one of the main complaints about the game in reviews from Steam users.

In addition, the authors fixed bugs (including with finding equipment from the previous patch), prevented sounds from looping and cloning items on the trade screen, and also fixed a number of objects, collisions and textures.

Sable debuted on September 23 of this year on PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Over the next couple of months, the game will receive several more patches – no details yet.

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