RuTube resumed work two days after the hack

RuTube resumed work two days after the hack

Video hosting RuTube has resumed its work after a hacker attack. It took developers more than two days to fix the service. As he writes “businessmanRegarding the attack, management intends to contact law enforcement.

The RuTube press service indicated that more than 99.5% of the materials published on the platform are available to users. Apparently, the tools for content authors’ work have suffered. The developers promised to restore its functionality in two stages – first, the studios and the ability to download content will be returned, after that, search and comments will appear.

“There are still a few steps ahead of us, including determining the chronology of the attacker’s actions, identifying the full list of infrastructure elements affected by the incident, collecting data on the characteristics of the technical tools used, and so on.”,— explained in the company’s press office.

RuTube’s work was suspended on the morning of May 9th. The reason was a cyber attack by unknown intruders. According to media reports, the incident affected more than 75% of the site’s main version infrastructure and 90% of its backup copies.

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