Rumours The development of a remake of Star Wars Knights

Rumours: The development of a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has been put on hold and the project itself has been postponed indefinitely

Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, citing his own whistleblowers reportedthat the highly anticipated remake of the role-playing game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has been postponed indefinitely.

    Image source: Aspyr Media

Image source: Aspyr Media

Recall that the rethinking of the cult role-playing game from BioWare is made by the Texan publisher Aspyr Media, part of the Embracer group led by Saber Interactive (recently involved in the development).

According to Schreier, Aspyr completed a vertical cut of the remake on June 30 and sent it to Lucasfilm partners and Sony Group for evaluation. The team was happy with the demo and the pace of production, but the bosses weren’t happy with the result.

Reasons for the dissatisfaction included an unprofitable development process (too much time and money was spent on the demo) and release dates: when the project started, the team aimed for the end of 2022, now 2025 Tor looks more realistic.

    Frame from the announcement trailer

Frame from the announcement trailer

After the nasty revelation, Aspyr reportedly fired the remake’s art director Jason Minor and design director Brad Prince, and informed staff that the project had been put on hold.

Aspyr management is now looking for new contracts and opportunities to continue development. Some at the company concede that Saber Interactive, which has a lot of experience modernizing games, could handle the remake.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Announced for PC and PS5 (Temporarily Console Exclusive) Promised to rethink “almost every aspect” Original game while preserving “Continuity of plot and characters”.

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