Rumours The Chinese giant NetEase is buying the Detroit development

Rumours: The Chinese giant NetEase is buying the Detroit development studio: Become Human and Star Wars Eclipse

Insider Tom Henderson (Tom Henderson) in the material for the portal eXputer reports that the Chinese company NetEase will allegedly take over the French studio Quantic Dream (Detroit: Become Human, Star Wars Eclipse).

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Recall that NetEase already acquired a minority stake in Quantic Dream in early 2019 but is now planning a full acquisition, according to Henderson. The official announcement is expected in the summer.

According to Henderson’s sources, Quantic Dream will join NetEase on roughly the same terms as Grasshopper Manufacture: NetEase will help the French studio with resources to enable it to do so “Bringing Star Wars Eclipse to Life”.

The deal has been under discussion for several months, but it’s not yet clear how close it is to completion. Rumor has it that Quantic Dream has been looking for such a partner since their contract with Sony ended in 2018.

    Star Wars Eclipse (Image Source: Lucasfilm Games)

Star Wars Eclipse (Image Source: Lucasfilm Games)

For the past few years, Quantic Dream has unsuccessfully offered publishers Project Karma (which will become Star Wars Eclipse) about space exploration, trying to deal with the aftermath of the scandal surrounding its working atmosphere.

According to Henderson, the December 2021 announcement of Star Wars Eclipse was a game changer in attracting potential buyers of Quantic Dream – for which the game was rumored to be launched so early.

Development of Star Wars Eclipse is still in its infancy at Quantic Dream’s Paris and Montreal locations. According to Henderson, the project will be pushed back to 2027-2028 due to the studio’s problems recruiting new staff.



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