Rumours Sony wont have a hard time updating Bloodborne without

Rumours: Sony won’t have a hard time updating Bloodborne without the help of FromSoftware, the company has already been working towards the PC version

Modder and dataminer Lance McDonald commented Giant Bomb journalist Jeff Grubb’s recent statement on the news slump surrounding FromSoftware’s gothic action game Bloodborne.

    Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Recall that Grubb said on a recent podcast that FromSoftware is now too busy with Elden Ring to get distracted by Bloodborne, and a third-party team can’t figure out the game’s internal structure without the involvement of a Japanese studio.

According to McDonald, the statement about the problem with the code is not correct: “There are absolutely no technical barriers between Bloodborne and the PC/PS5 port at 60fps/re-release”.

McDonald is confident that Sony can accomplish this task without the help of FromSoftware “any suitable moment”: To add support for 60 frames / s to the PS4 version, says the modder (should he not know), just changing two lines of code is enough.

    Image source: Twitter (Lance McDonald)

Image source: Twitter (Lance McDonald)

McDonald also claims to have seen a build of Bloodborne running on Windows 7. The build was reportedly owned by SIE Japan Studio, who helped produce the game, at the time of its revamp in April 2021.

According to the dataminer, the same assembly with its source code can still be stored in the Sony archives. McDonald also believes the processes regarding the future of Bloodborne (whether it be a port, remaster, remake or sequel) are already underway.

Bloodborne debuted exclusively on PS4 in March 2015 and sold over 2 million copies in six months. The game exceeded the expectations of its publisher, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and gained cult status in the community.

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