Rumours F1 2022 coming later than planned losing multiplayer Supercars

Rumours: F1 2022 coming later than planned, losing multiplayer Supercars and Sochi Autodrome track

Insider Tom Henderson, who shared the details of F1 2022 last month, uncovered new information about the car simulator. According to him, the release of the new Codemasters and EA Sports game will take place later than planned due to disagreements with the Formula 1 group over supercars.

    F1 2021. Image Source: Steam

F1 2021. Image Source: Steam

In early March, Henderson said that one of the key features of the new installment will be supercars for players to drive and collect. They should be added in both single-player and multiplayer, but now you shouldn’t wait for their appearance in online modes, according to an insider. These cars are only available in career mode and time trial. Due to a delay in the schedule, the release may be delayed (it was previously expected to premiere by the end of 2022).

The decision comes as Formula 1 management, the main operating company of the Formula 1 group, has called for a reduction in the presence of supercars in the game. The reasons for the disagreement are not known.

The source also noted that F1 2022 will not get cross-play support at launch. This feature will be rolled out some time after release. In addition, he confirmed that the developers will cut out the Sochi Autodrom track and replace it with another one. At least two circuits will be added after release – Shanghai and the Algarve in Portimão.

    The Sochi Autodrome track will not be included in F1 2022

The Sochi Autodrome track will not be included in F1 2022

Finally, Henderson warned not to wait for drastic gameplay changes. F1 2022 will not be too different from the previous game in terms of controls, graphics, engine, server, customization, ERS, penalty system, career modes and my team. Co-op (the two-user limit isn’t going anywhere) and Podium Pass remain pretty much the same.

As the insider previously reported, the next installment will drop the story mode – it will be replaced with the F1 LIFE game space (the campaign is set to be brought back in the 2023 release). Also, the developers will introduce support for VR devices with the release.

F1 2022 will premiere on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The announcement of F1 2021 came in mid-April and was released on all major current platforms on July 16th. According to Henderson, the upcoming game will premiere in the same month.

The predecessor received high marks from the press and players: the average score for metacritical varies between 83-86/100 and the rating in steam, based on over 22,000 reviews, is 86%. Among the advantages, they highlighted a new story mode, a simulation component, graphics, customization options and the ability to go through the “career” together.


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