Rumours Electronic Arts has decided on a new name for

Rumours: Electronic Arts has decided on a new name for FIFA and FIFA will launch its gaming franchise

VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb (Jeff Grubb) spoke to the site Giant Bomb about the upcoming renaming of Electronic Arts’ FIFA football series in the new edition of his show GrubbSnax.

    Image Source: Steam (Blade)

Image Source: Steam (Blade)

Recall that in October EA Sports said the company was considering changing the name for FIFA. Around the same time, Electronic Arts applied for the EA Sports FC trademark.

According to Grubb, EA Sports FC will be the new name for Electronic Arts’ football franchise. The problem is supposedly already solved, and the official announcement will come in the near future.

As for FIFA, the contract that Electronic Arts has expired with in December, Grubb says the International Football Association will enter the gaming market with its football series.

In the event of a rupture in relations with FIFA, Electronic Arts retains the rights to football licenses (leagues, players, stadiums) acquired under an agreement with its other partners.


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