Rumours Dead Island 2 looks decent and gearing up to

Rumours: Dead Island 2 looks ‘decent’ and gearing up to reveal release is slated for late 2022

In less than eight years since the announcement, Dead Island 2 has managed to change four development studios and the current version has not yet been presented. According to insider Tom Henderson, the game will be shown very soon and may release in late 2022.

Image source: Deep Silver

Stills from the 2014 version. Source: Deep Silver

According to Henderson, who regularly writes about Call of Duty and Battlefield, Dead Island 2 is making good progress. “Everyone I’ve spoken to assures me that the game is in decent shape and could be announced very soon, accompanied by a gameplay trailer, – said the insider. — Release is expected in the last quarter of 2022, but may be postponed to the next in case of development issues.”

Henderson’s sources are pleased with recent development advances. You have already seen a fragment from the beginning of the game, where the plane whose passengers were infected crashes in Hollywood. The surviving hero goes to Beverly Hills (Henderson is unsure if the events take place there) to gather resources at local mansions, where, among other things, he finds the first weapon. After that, he runs away from a huge crowd of zombies and hides in the sewers, from which he emerges a few hours later. The next part begins on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The action will reportedly feature an open world spanning three cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and an unnamed California. At the same time, the game is described as a sequel to the original Dead Island – there will be no significant differences. Since the gameplay was shown at Gamescom 2014, the insider notes that the visual part has changed significantly. However, the entourage remained the same: the events of the original version also took place in California (Hollywood, San Francisco and Santa Monica were mentioned).

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Dead Island 2 was announced at E3 2014. Studio Techland, who created the first part, soon abandoned the project as they wanted to focus on Dying Light. After that, Deep Silver struck an agreement with Yager Development (Spec Ops: The Line), but creative differences resulted in a second developer change. In 2019, the publisher announced that it would transfer the game from Sumo Digital (Crackdown 3) to the British Dambuster Studios (Homefront: The Revolution) – the latter are still working on a sequel.

Speaking to in November 2019, Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media, attributed the delayed development to the critical importance of the Dead Island brand to the publisher. At that time the company had “absolutely safe” as a result. Most recently, Deep Silver commented on the situation surrounding the sequel in December 2020. The company said it still intends to release the game but isn’t ready to talk about it just yet.


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