Rumours Counter Strike 2 on the way the game on

Rumours: Counter-Strike 2 on the way – the game on Source 2 will be announced before the end of March

Esports journalist Richard Lewis reportedthat Counter-Strike 2 will be announced and expected to go into beta testing later this month. However, fans noticedthat the official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Twitter account has changed its banner.

    Counter Strike Global Offensive.  Image source: Valve Software

Counter Strike Global Offensive. Image Source: Valve

According to Lewis, who spoke to his sources on condition of anonymity, a new version of Counter-Strike is on the way. A game “Pretty sure” will be released under the working title Counter-Strike 2. The tentative release date for the beta version is this month, at least April 1st.

According to Lewis sources, the competitive shooter is already undergoing limited testing at Valve’s headquarters in Seattle “Almost ready”. The words of the journalist are confirmed by new NVIDIA drivers, which introduce support for two previously unknown applications csgos2.exe and cs2.exe. Even the profile they are connected to is called Counter-Strike 2. File support was thought to have been added by NVIDIA before the beta started.

    Image source:

Image source:

The game is expected to run on the Source 2 engine. Sources also told Lewis that the project will support 128h servers, something fans have been asking for for years (and which Riot Games has implemented in Valorant).

Valve itself has not yet commented on this information.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains the most popular game on the Steam platform, attracting more than 1.3 million concurrent users on some days.

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