Rumours Atlus really set their sights on a full fledged remake

Rumours: Atlus really set their sights on a full-fledged remake of Persona 3

A ResetEra forum user using the alias lolilolailo, who predicted Persona’s future coming to Game Pass in 2021, allegedly shared inside information about an unannounced project within the series.

    Image source: Atlus

Image source: Atlus

According to lolilolailo, publisher and developer Atlus is currently busy building a full one make new Released on the Japanese role-playing game Persona 3 for PlayStation 2 in Summer 2006.

When a believe According to the source, this is a project on the scale of Persona 5 – both in terms of graphics (the engine will supposedly come from the “five”) and gameplay (in particular it refers to the introduction of amenities, who debuted in the fifth part).

It’s worth noting that last summer, a full-fledged remake of Persona 3 (along with a reimagining of Persona 2) topped Atlus’ annual user rankings of the most desirable remakes.

An update is already planned for Persona 3 in 2023: A slightly streamlined version of Persona 3 Portable will appear on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Nintendo Switch and Game Pass (PC and Xbox ) with PSP.

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