Rumours Action movie about Black Panther wont be the last

Rumours: Action movie about Black Panther won’t be the last Electronic Arts single player game under license from Marvel

Giant Bomb journalist Jeff Grubb spoke about Electronic Arts’ plans for another game based on Marvel superhero comics on a new Game Mess Mornings podcast.

    Image Source: Steam (Mike)

Image Source: Steam (Mike)

Recall that a week ago Grubb talked about a single player action game in a large open world starring a new Black Panther being developed in one of EA’s studios (presumably Seattle).

Aside from Rainier (the codename for the Black Panther game), Grubb said Electronic Arts is busy with another single-player project set in the Marvel Universe. What kind of franchise are we talking about this time, the journalist did not specify.

To discuss the problem in my microblog joined Insider Tom Henderson: “I’ve heard rumors that [игра про] Iron Man, but I’ve never collected anything specific for a full-fledged report..

During a recent quarterly report, Andrew Wilson (Andrew Wilson), CEO of Electronic Arts, assured that single-player projects remain an important part of the company’s business (though not as important as gaming services).

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