Rumours About a hundred gameplay videos allegedly of a trial

Rumours: About a hundred gameplay videos allegedly of a trial version of GTA VI have been published on the web

User teapotuberhacker from GTAForums, authorizewhat has attitude to the recent Uber hack, released a link to an archive of over 90 gameplay videos said to be from a test version of the next Grand Theft Auto.

    Image Credit: Rockstar Games

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

Screenshots and video clips already circulating on YouTube, Twitter and other services meet previous information about the protagonists (a woman and a man) and the setting (modern Vice City) of the new GTA.

Judging by the titles of the videos (see screenshot below), they were shot between April 2021 and September 2022. America is making the headlines – the future game is said to be codenamed Project Americas.

    Image source: Imgur

It’s likely that at least one of the test builds was run on a PS4 devkit (Image source: Imgur)

As for the materials themselves, they show a Miami-like city that is obviously not ready for the release of models and textures, as well as plenty of debugging tools and other information for developers.

Teapotuberhacker posted clips of cops shooting, robbing a diner (and then cops arriving), talking to NPCs (Rockstar-level voice quality), and mentioning a parody version of WhatsApp.

The release of the still unannounced Grand Theft Auto VI is expected in 2024 at the earliest. According to unconfirmed reports, the game world will be expanded to include new missions and cities after the launch.

The development of the next (yet unnamed) part of Grand Theft Auto was officially confirmed in February. Rockstar Games says active production “is in full swing”but is reluctant to share details.

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